We have several licensed master electricians within our group who work with the utility companies regularly and can review your existing service and make the call whether or not you need to bring in a new utility service.

There are specific types of chargers but we are brand agnostic. We work with several companies and would direct you to the correct charging equipment that would work for your project. Some of the firms we work with have different ways of generating revenue and we would align you with the best supplier for your unique situation.

Thank you for your submission. Yes we can be your one stop shop or consult for you.
A good description would be consortium, we are a group of highly skilled contractors who work with engineers and work for several car charging equipment makers.
We also sell EV charging support products such as full material packages, protective bollards, signage and other related material to support your install.
We work as consultants and or installers for Engineering firms, contractors, or the end user. We also often times perform service for the equipment provider.
And we align you with the proper resource for your specific need.

We do an analysis of your electric service and will determine the available capacity to support your EV charging project.

Location is something that should be carefully considered.
It should be practical, efficient, and easy to access.
The distance and routing means to your charger from your electric distribution will certainly impact budget.
This is why we have power distribution strategists that will work with you to find the proper most efficient routing method.

This varies by state, if you send us the location and type of charging you are considering we can guide you.

We have several parking lots (outdoor) would we pay to install the EV charging systems as owner operator or would there be a third party interested?

We work with several companies that depending on your unique situation may look to install on your property at little to no cost to you.
In some instances there can be monthly revenue generated for power usage and or collective advertising in heavy traffic areas.

Thank you for your submission, yes we have some unique solutions one being custom concrete bases to support your chargers.
These are made to order with bolt pattern and conduit entry points already included.
The idea is speed to market. Our system will provide a clean uniform look as well as save costly labor hours of multiple trade disciplines on site.
Available to discuss further please let us know what time works for a call.

We provide services and product all over the country but our specialists serve the NY NJ PA region.
Since your address is in NJ we could directly handle this for you.
We can dispatch a team who would see if the conduit is in use, if it is useable, if it needs to be extended or re routed. If the conduit is vacant or compromised.
Before we even get into costs, we would like to know your over all goal.... how many chargers you are looking to install etc... We are solution strategists. Should this conduit not be useable we may be able to use the conduits to your sign and through a combination of transformers and sub panels get you what you are looking for without disturbing the beautiful grounds.

We would be happy to get involved.
We have done several E scooter chargers and even have an EV scooter locker with charging capabilities for buildings with heavy E scooter presence.