Power for EV Charging Station at Car Charge Now
05Jun, 18


What Power Is Needed To Support Our EV Charging Needs?   Your project will require power. Allow us to review your existing service and advise you as to available capacity. Our team will provide a detailed evaluation. Which includes visual as well as opening up panels and or gear. Documenting cable sizes, fuse sizes and load. We also review past utility bills and can provide an actual load study for an extended period of time (usually 3 days to 1 week) which would document and give even greater insight to your consumption. We will provide an assessment of your existing electric service and determine whether a power upgrade is necessary. Determine where to pull power from. We can provide a lay out accompanied with pricing. We perform load studies which will document your existing power consumption prior to your ev charging installation. We offer utility coordination and consulting to work with your [...]Read more
01May, 18


How Will I Get Power Out To The Chargers ?   Once we determine adequate power source,  placement of chargers and routing is likely to be next objective. Our team has extensive experience in pathway creation and conduit routing. Allow us to provide value engineering and suggestions to route your power in a way that will work for your unique situation. Some examples : Utilization of existing conduits or repurposing conduits. Aerial. Roof run up and over or on building. Below grade whether it be saw cut and trenching, directional boring, or other creative means. Where routing seems impossible there are times where an existing smaller conduit and wiring system can be utilized coupled with the use of step up and step down transformers. Before making any decisions Contact us and take advantage of our innovative creative options. Routing Below Can Minimize Damage To Surroundings Routing under concrete surface with a slab poured within an existing [...]Read more
EV Charging Services in Budget with Car Charge Now
01Apr, 18


Design, Scope Development, Budget Creation, and Project Management.   On larger projects it is often necessary to put out an (RFP) Request for pricing. Before you collect prices it is imperative that you have a detailed scope. We can assist you with an accurate design followed by a detailed Scope developed and understood by tradesmen. Construction budgets are often a concern, we can provide you with those cost impacting details in advance so you can minimize risk. Upon request we can review bids and point out any discrepancies during the leveling process. Some folks have enough to do than to start managing an EV project. We can help you manage from inception to completion. Finally, If you are comfortable with our firm we can handle all design and construction for you with our affiliate teams.Read more